Technology Research, Education, and Opinion (TREO) Talk sessions provide attendees a platform to present their research ideas, education papers, or opinion papers that cover any area of information systems (IS) or information technology (IT) and to get feedback from session attendees.

Attendees interested in presenting should submit a 1-page abstract of a research paper or research idea, an education paper or an idea related to IS education, or an opinion paper on any area of IS or IT. TREO Talks submissions will be editorially reviewed to ensure that they are IS/IT related and appropriate in nature. Accepted TREO Talks abstracts will be presented at a TREO Talk session.


Apr 26, 2016: Deadline for TREO Talk submission
May 1, 2016: Authors are notified of TREO Talks submission decision
July 1, 2016: PPT slides due

Format of presentation

Each TREO Talk author will present their topic, followed by a question and answer and discussion session with the audience.

Presentation Guidelines and Template

Accepted TREO Talk abstracts will be presented as follows:

  • Each accepted TREO Talk abstract will be scheduled in a TREO Talk session
  • Each abstract will be presented in a TREO Talk session (the number of TREO Talk abstracts presented in a session will depend on the number of TREO Talk abstracts accepted). The maximum number of slides and time limit for TREO Talk presentations will be determined when it is known how many presentations will be in each TREO Talk session.
  • Authors are to use the TREO Talk PPT Template and submit your slides before July 1, 2016. Authors are to follow naming convention provided in the TREO Talk PPT Template. All slides will be pre-loaded so authors should be ready to make their presentation based on the numbering assigned. We would like to keep the transition to a minimum, so we urge presenters to be ready. There will be a 30 second transition between presentations.
  • TREO Talk sessions will be interactive. It is expected that presenters include a short discussion period.

Topics that might be appropriate for a TREO Talk session

  • A research idea that you are contemplating, but not started yet
  • A research idea that you are developing and would like feedback on
  • A research idea that you would like to invite collaborators to join you
  • A cutting edge research topic that you would like feedback on
  • A teaching tip for an IS/IT class
  • An innovative teaching idea for an IS/IT class
  • An idea regarding a new or innovative class for an IS/IT curriculum
  • Innovative things that you are doing in your IS/IT class
  • An opinion regarding any aspect of IS/IT


TREO Talk submissions will include a 1-page single-spaced abstract of the research, IS education, or opinion idea. Submissions exceeding 1-page (11 point font and 1/2 margins minimum) will not be accepted. Submissions will be reviewed to ensure that they are IS related and appropriate in nature for AMCIS 2016. At least one of the authors must register for AMCIS 2016.

  • Abstracts should be submitted as an attachment to an email.
  • Emails with the 1-page Abstract attachment should be sent to

For any questions related to TREO Talk Sessions, please contact:

Albert L. Harris
Appalachian State University