Emergent Research Forum

The Emergent Research Forum (ERF) provides researchers a platform to showcase their cutting-edge research in multiple formats.

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March 2, 2016: Deadline for ERF submissions
April 26, 2016: Absract due
June 22, 2016: Slam presentation slide due
June 22, 2016: Poster due (if using available printing services)
June 24, 20216: Payment due for poster printing (if using available printing services)

Initial Submissions

To be considered for the ERF, authors should submit their papers through the AMCIS 2016 submission system to the respective tracks or mini-tracks that may best-fit their research. Papers for the ERF would be subject to the same review process as the other papers (i.e., the track or mini-track chairs would solicit feedback from multiple reviewers, include their own assessment, and make a recommendation to the AMCIS Program/ERF Chairs).

Accepted ERFs

Papers accepted to the ERF may be published in the conference proceedings and presented in multiple formats. Authors have the opportunity to decide the content for the proceedings and the format for the presentations.


Authors may choose to submit:

a) an abstract of the paper OR
b) 5 pages all inclusive (approx. 2,500 words, including figures, tables, references, and appendices) for publication in the conference proceedings.

Format of Presentations

ERF presentations are to be done in multiple formats. Authors should plan to prepare:

  1. Three (3) slides only for the slam presentation, AND
  2. A poster for the poster session.

Slam presentation (REQUIRED)

All ERF papers should be introduced in the slam presentation. All slam presentations are limited to a maximum of three slides and three minutes. The timer will start when the author begins speaking. The slides for all slam presentations will be combined into a single large slide deck, which will be pre-loaded and ready to use. Authors will be assigned numbers in sequence consistent with the large slide deck and they should be ready to present in that order. There will be 30 seconds between presentations for transition.


All ERF papers should be showcased in the poster session. All posters are to be printed on a 36”x48” inches (approximately 91 x 122 cm) poster. Authors are welcome to self-print the poster consistent with the poster format OR avail poster printing services for $20. The cost covers printing the poster at a local facility and shipping to the conference hotel.

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Please contact the ERF Co-Chairs for any questions:

AnandJeyaraj KUmapathy
Anand Jeyaraj
Wright State University
Karthik Umapathy
University of North Florida